[push h=»20″]Emilia GP describes her Otoclinic experience before and after evaluation and the subsequent fitting.
She had been hard of hearing for several years and therefore came to our clinic. She found it very difficult to hear the television, doorbell and phone and she had to turn up the phone’s volume. She was found it hard to hear the sound of water from a fountain or the footsteps of her husband as he came down the stairs. She could not understand conversations in loud environments and began to feel lost but when she was face to face one person, she could hear well.
She told us that she is very sociable but was beginning to feel uncomfortable. However, she did not want to stop meeting with her friends.
Following the interview, we performed tests in a booth. We detected initial mild hearing loss, but we decided that she should use two state-of-the-art hearing aids. We explained to her the importance of starting treatment early; her speech audiometry was excellent and no auditory nerve damage had yet been observed, with 100% intelligibility.
We suggested for Emilia, due to her hearing curve showing losses in high-pitched hearing with low-pitched hearing being conserved, an open fitting, which was small and would be discreet.
As soon as she started using the device, she noticed how sounds around her, which had disappeared and which her memory was starting to forget, resonated once again in her head. The sound that moved her the most was that of water falling in a fountain; for her, hearing this sound again was an indescribable experience. The birds singing, the phone ringing, the footsteps of her husband.
Emilia is delighted with her hearing aids and although at first it was difficult to get used to them at first, she is very happy and recommends her experience to all her loved ones.
We are also very pleased, because we know how important early detection and treatment is in avoiding hearing degeneration, and for us to give our ears what they require.
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