Avoid ear pain on flights

[push h=»20″]If you are planning to fly but are anxious about the discomfort caused by the pressure changes on flights, you can follow any of the following tips:[push h=»20″] Chewing gum is the most simple and convenient method to carry out. When you chew gum on taking off you will reduce the undesirable symptoms. Yawning […]

Early detection of hearing loss

Hearing loss is defined as the decrease in auditory perception, which is the usual way to acquire language. This is a problem that takes a special importance during childhood when the intellectual and social development of the child is very conditioned to proper hearing. Hearing, along with the rest of the senses involved in social […]

Bath plugs as prevention

[push h=»20″]The most common causes of suffering premature hearing problems are frequently ear infections and prolonged exposure to high intensity noise. To prevent these problems, it is best to use earplugs that have been previously customized. Personalized earplugs, both those for the bathroom and anti-noise plugs, are specially designed to protect the ear against external […]

Hearing Aids change your life

[push h=»20″]Oír bien es fundamental para comunicarse y socializar. Uno de los primeros síntomas de la pérdida de audición es la incapacidad de seguir las conversaciones, lo que aísla y dificulta la integración de las personas. En el 78% de los casos, los problemas de audición van relacionados con la edad. Otros son generados por […]

The Fitting Experience

[push h=»20″]Emilia GP describes her Otoclinic experience before and after evaluation and the subsequent fitting. She had been hard of hearing for several years and therefore came to our clinic. She found it very difficult to hear the television, doorbell and phone and she had to turn up the phone’s volume. She was found it […]

One or two hearing aids?

[push h=»20″]The sense of hearing is composed of two ears, so the best choice is using two hearing aids. The Fitting process is more natural and satisfying. Also you should know that using two instruments provides:[push h=»20″] Better ability to locate the source of sound. Allowing you to know where the sound comes from. This […]

Emotional aspects in prosthetic fitting

[push h=»20″]Aural rehabilitation is a complex process in which the user’s personality is examined by the hearing aid audiologist. The aim of this process is to select hearing aids that are best suited to the patient, not only in terms of their audiometric curve but also in accordance with their abilities and lifestyle, in order […]

List of medicines potentially ototoxics

[push h=»20″]Nos dirigimos a usted para informarle acerca de una lista de fármacos que son potencialmente ototóxicos, por eso, le rogamos lo ponga en conocimiento de su médico de cabecera si usted toma alguno de los fármacos que a continuación se indica, a fin de poder preservar al máximo su audición, y siempre y cuando […]

Anticipate the problems of hearing in Auditory Centers Otoclinic

[push h=»20″]Miles de personas de todas las edades sufren algún tipo de problema auditivo que les impide desarrollar una vida normal y satisfactoria. Por ello, Centro Auditivo Otoclinic apuesta por la prevención y para ello realiza estudios de audición completamente gratuitos en todos sus centros. Otoclinic es una red de centros especializados que trabaja con […]