We are a network of specialised centres for the treatment of hearing problems.

We work with the most advanced technological means for research and application of effective solutions for hearing better.

Our rigour and professionalism do not prevent us from seeing our real goal:
your Well-being and quality of life is the most important to us.

What can Otoclinic offer you


  • Personalized attention and customer service.
  • Hearing aid devices made by leading brands.
  • Technical service, batteries and accessories at the best available price.
  • Reliability and warranties.
  • Payment facilities.
  • Leading technology hearing aids during 3 months, without any obligation.

Contact us

+34 608 244 104 / 952 879 266



Why Otoclinic?

Because we care about the people who trust us. People who come to our centres with hearing difficulties …

Because bad hearing involves other difficulties, such as social isolation or speech disorders. Those factors can make normal daily life more difficult.

That is the reason why at Otoclinic, we get totally involved with our patients. Especially after the fitting of the hearing aid, helping each patient to get accustomed to it, making sure that it is the right device, and periodically checking if the hearing level is completely satisfactory. That is why we say “we do not fit hearing aids, we fit hearing”.

Prevention is better


Often the last ones to realize where the problem is are the patients.

At Otoclinic we’ve found that either relatives or friends have advised the majority of people who come to us.
Otoclinic dedicates a good amount of time and effort to provide their customers with free thorough hearing tests at all their hearing centres.