[push h=»20″]The most common causes of suffering premature hearing problems are frequently ear infections and prolonged exposure to high intensity noise.

To prevent these problems, it is best to use earplugs that have been previously customized. Personalized earplugs, both those for the bathroom and anti-noise plugs, are specially designed to protect the ear against external agents that can cause injury. The introduction of water into the ear canal in a person with special sensitivity to water or who has a perforated eardrum is a common cause of otitis (ear infection). In these cases, the use of bath earplugs is highly recommended.  As such, at this time of year, infections due to the aforementioned cause increase significantly due to regular immersion in water at both beaches and pools. To manufacture these bath earplugs, it is necessary to take an impression of the ear canal to manufacture them in accordance and customize them to suit each person. The material used is flexible but unalterable silicone to adjust perfectly to the anatomy of the ear, preventing water from filtering between the mold and the walls of the ear and in order that it may be inserted into the ear. The silicone used may also be of varying hardness depending on the characteristics and sensitivity of each ear and may be manufactured in different colors, from the most discreet, such as transparent, to the more striking, such as red, blue, yellow, multicolored, which are more suitable for children. It is essential that a qualified audiologist in a hearing centre does the study and work of custom-made bath plugs.

At Otoclinic, since we opened our centers 16 years ago, the distribution of customized bath earplugs has been one of our specialties. As such, from day one, we created our own manufacturing department with this purpose in mind. Having our own laboratory allows us to provide the best quality of service to our customers. What our customers most demand is of course the quality and guarantee of the product, but whenever bath earplugs are requested, they are usually due to an emergency, and as such, speed delivery time is paramount. Having our own laboratory means that the delivery time is up to 24 hours, during which it is necessary for temporary plugs to be delivered. The otoplasty laboratory is currently located in Marbella, which is the product distribution center for the rest of our clinics, in which there are two audiologists exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of customized anti-noise and bath earplugs, which makes the Otoclinic Hearing Centers the reference centers for this type of product.

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