Hearing loss is defined as the decrease in auditory perception, which is the usual way to acquire language.

This is a problem that takes a special importance during childhood when the intellectual and social development of the child is very conditioned to proper hearing.

Hearing, along with the rest of the senses involved in social interaction, allows interaction with the environment. It is one of the most important physiological processes in children’s learning, since it is of great importance for the development of the thinking process.
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Early detection is critical to the prognosis and quality of life of the child.

The identification and early intervention is associated with better-spoken language development, especially if diagnosed at the pre-lingual phase. In addition, there are simple techniques, easy to use and effective enough in the early detection of hearing loss in newborns such as ABR or the OAS.

Hearing loss is a delay in ORAL LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. A late or incomplete access to oral language influences and delays the development of logical and rational thinking, delays the development of memory, prevents the acquisition of the ability to read, affects learning and performance and can also influence the child’s personality.

It has been proved that hearing loss during the first 6 months of life interferes in normal speech development. So ideally hearing loss should be detected before 3 months of age and begin treatment before 6 months, to try to prevent the consequences of hearing loss.

Neonatal screening tests are conducted in all public hospitals in Spain.

It is concerned with the early detection of a hearing impaired child, not only at the time of being born, but also throughout his childhood.

The earlier you detect it, the easier will be to take the necessary measures for intervention and the best treatment, whether surgical or prosthetic by using hearing aids.

Speech therapists, teachers and parents are also an essential part, forming a multidisciplinary team that working together to improve the quality of life of these children in their first years of life.